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Q2:Have you ever been out of China?--- Never,but my elder brother with my parents ____abroad twice.
A. have been in
B.has been in
C. have been
D. has been
Q3:2. --- I called you last night, but no one answered me. --- Oh,I ____ a shower
B.have taken
C.am taking
D.was taking
Q4:They think it’s exciting to trek ____ jungle(丛林). Do you agree?
A past
C. over
D. through
Q5:---What’s your plan for the coming vacation?---I’d like to go ___.
A.relaxed somewhere
B. relaxing somewhere
C. Somewhere relaxed
D. somewhere relaxing
Q6:The plane ___ because of the bad weather.
A.put up
B.put out
C. put off
D. put away
Q7:I like the book which__something to do with maths.
D. are
Q8:Do you know ___ girl standing under the tree? Yes, She is Alien, she is ___ honest girl.
A.he; a
B. the; an
C. a; a
D. a; an
Q9:The Green family ___ London for nearly two years. They all miss their hometown very much.
C..have left
D. have been away from
Q10:Some measures ___ to stop the spread of the epidemic.
A.must take
B. must be take
C.must took
D. must be taken
Q11:The weather forecast doesn’t say ____ .
A . if it rains tomorrow
B. if does it rain tomorrow
C. if it will rain tomorrow
D. if will it rain tomorrow
Life is short, so you have to make the most of it.Has anybody ever told you that? Maybe they just said ‘‘YOLO" to you instead.It
"You Only Live Once", and is a very popular saying on social media.Having a YOLO attitude(态度) means that you make the 
of every day. It means your life
you only get one. Someone who has a YOLO attitude is always open to doing new and fun activities.Now, thanks to a US study, YOLO might be more than just a popular 
The study found it might be 
to have a YOLO attitude!
A research team did an experiment with two groups of students
different US universities. One group pretended(假装) they only had 30days left before moving to a new city. They did lots of activities and
time with people they loved. In other words, they had a YOLO lifestyle. Another group continued to live 
normal lives.At the end of the experiment the students did a survey to 
how happy they were. It showed that the first group was much happier.
"The study shows that being and making close friendships are important to
life," the research group told The Washington Post.However,they also called on others to do experiments with different groups of people and see if their results were similar.
1. A.standsfor B.waitsfor C.thinksof D.pointsat
2. A.worst B.most C.least D.farthest
3. A.when B.if C.because D.until
4. A.saying B.book C.idea D.poem
5. A.happier B.weaker C.stronger D.faster
6. A.to B.from C.about D.with
7. A.cost B.paid C.took D.spent
8. A.our B.his C.your D.their
9. A.putout B.findout C.takeout D.giveout
10. A.enjoy B.save C.lose D.kill
:Passage 1He was a journalist(新闻记者) and political critic(政治评论家). But to the most people, he is the most influential martial arts novelist(武侠小说家) in the Chinese-speaking world.Louis Cha Leung-yung, better known by his pen name Jin Yong. During his lifetime, Jin Rong wrote15 martial arts novels. Over 300 million copies of his books have been sold around the world.He also created some of the most well-known characters in the history of Chinese Literature(文学),including Guo Jing, Wei Xiaobo and Ling Huchong.Jin Rong was not the first person to write about the martial arts world known as jiang hu, but no one can deny(否认) that he has written some of its best stories. His works were not only a joy for people to read, but also helped to shape Chinese people’s spirit and values in recent decades(十年). Jin Rong once said,”Wuxia is not so much about Kung fu, but mainly about xia, a combination(结合;联合) of courage(勇气;勇敢),justice(公正) and self-sacrifice(自我牺牲).These values have been passed on to a generations of Chinese through his books, as well as a large number of movies and TV shows that have been adapted from his novels.“Jin Rong turns novels into an encyclopedia (百科全书)of Chinese history, medicine,geography,mathematics...” Boston University professor Petrus Liu told NPR.Jin Rong once said that he hoped people would still read his books even 100 or 200 years after his death. We can say as long as the noble qualities that are mentioned in his stories never die out, neither will his great works themselves.
Q13:Which of the follows is true according to the passage?
A.Louis Cha is Jin Rong’s pen pal.
B.Jin Rong was the first man that created Jianghu.
C. Jin Rong’s works have a strong influence on Chinese people’s spirits and values in recent decades.
D.Jin Rong’s values of wuxia are only passed on through his books.
Q14:Which of the following words can replace the underlined word “adapted”?
A.cut off
B. set up
C. came out
D.made up
Q15:What’s the best tile for this passage?
A.An influential journalist
B..King of wuxia
C.Martial arts world
D. Jin Rong’s books
Q16:This passage is mainly read ___ .
A.An advertisement
B. a newspaper
C.a meeting notice
D. a novel
:Passage 2Do you have any online classes? It’s possible to take classes at home. All you need is a computer and headset.However, most students don’t seem to like online classes. According to a recent survey, only 33 percent of students would take such classes. Over 1,500 students from 10 cities took the survey.Many students said it is hark to focus on studying while taking online classes. This was true for Lian Ruohan, 15, at the Affiliated High School of Peking University. “There are no classmates, no real teachers watching me. I can surf the Internet or do other things if I want to. It’s harder to stay focused,”she said. Lian prepares a lot before taking her classes to make sure she will pay attention. She also pushes herself to communicate with teachers. Students can come up with or answer questions while taking online classes.But Wen Jiayi, 14, at the Yucai Middle School Attached to Chengdu No 7 High School, thinks online interaction(互动) isn’t enough. “The online teachers don’t really get to know me. When I don’t hand in homework, all I get is a short message instead of real concern(关心),”she said.However, online classes still have other advantages. “It saves time and money compared to taking offline classes. Also, if I don’t understand some parts of a lesson, I can watch it over again,” lian said.
Q17:How many students would take online classes according to the passage?
A.About 400
B.About 500
C.About 600
D.About 700
Q18:Which of the following is Lian Ruohan’s opinion on online classes?
A.There are both advantages and disadvantages
B. The advantages are more than disadvantages.
C. She can learn more through online classes.
D. Online interaction isn’t enough.
Q19:The underlined word “focus” means ________ in Chinese
Q20:What is Wen Jiayi’s problem in taking online classes?
A.She can’t follow the teachers.
B. The teachers can’t answer her problems.
C. The teachers online care less than offline.
D. She can’t finish her homework in time.
:Passage 3 In today’s world we are always surrounded(包围) by technology. It’s true to say that technology makes our lives easier. However, more scientists are saying that we need to give ourselves a break--otherwise we will put ourselves at the risk of developing hundreds of health problems. During the summer holidays, the days are longer, sunnier and free from school. With all this free time, why not put it to good use and do something that has nothing to do with technology?To start with ,we can learn new skill. There are hundreds of possibilities:cooking, learning a musical instrument or a new sport. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out that recipe. But haven’t had time?Perhaps you like learning how to knit, so you can have a new sweater for the autumn. You could use your free time to learn something new--and perhaps it’ll lead to an exciting chance in the future? If you just fancy relaxing,why not go to the seaside? Take your favourite book and relax on the sand, or just go for a walk along the beach. If you don’t live near the seaside, you can go to your local park. Have a picnic there or try to know about some of the local wildlife?Little things, like challenging yourself to complete a word puzzle, are great to start with you. You could even get involved in the latest craze:adult colouring books! Colouring is surprisingly therapeutic,and it can be a nice way to get away from the stress of modern life!You might surprise yourself and find a hidden talent within you, you might also make new friends along the way. Next time you find yourself aimlessly channel-changing, have a think at what else you could spend your time doing.
Q21:Reading adult colouring books is a good way to ___ .
A.learn a new skill   
B.feel less stressed 
C.make new friends   
D. challenge ourselves
Q22:Which of the following explains the underlined word “fancy” in Paragraph 3?
A. to want something or want to do something.
B.to think that you are very popular.
C.to like the idea of being something or to believe.
D.to think that somebody will win or be successful at something.  
Q23:Which is the most suitable place in the passage for the sentence,”Whatever you choose to do with your summer,try something new!”
A.At the beginning of Paragraph 2.
B.At the beginning of Paragraph 3.
C.At the beginning of Paragraph 4.
D.At the beginning of Paragraph 5.
Q24:请选择一个选项What’s the best title of the passage?
A.Ways of trying something new.
B.Finding a hidden talent.
C.Taking a break from technology.
D.A better life with technology.
Q25:( B)阅读短文,根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,使短文意思完整、连贯,并将代表答案的字母填在题前的括号内。(每个选项限用一次)
  • Once, when the food we ordered at a restaurant arrived, the first we want to do was to eat right away .
    Others want to take at least five photos of their food to share on social media such
  • as Wechat.
    “Foodtography” has been around for than one expect. Take US photographer Irving Penn(1917-2009)for example. In 1947,Vogue magazine published many food photos taken by Penn. Looking at the carefully put salad ingredients or the cakes on stands. It would be easy to think Penn’s70-7ear-old photos were taken just last week.
  • Besides Penn’s efforts, it seems that social media is behind the recent rise of foodtography.
    . And the star posts just one delicious-looking food picture with the place where it was taken. It can bring hundreds of new customers for the restaurant.
  • So while it’s fun to share pictures of delicious dishes with your friends, just remember the most important thing:
  • A.Don’t forget to eat your meal afterwards.
  • B.But now, some people just want to eat their meal.
  • C.Today, a social media star may have thousands of fans.
  • D.In fact, taking pictures before meals is not a recent thing.
Q26:( A )根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空。并将答案写在答题卡(纸)的相应位置。
We sent him some flowers as an ___(express) of thanks    ____________
It’s working people who ___(creative) the beauty.    ____________
It’s ____ (polite) to speak loudly in public.    ____________
Time is used to ___ (do) something valuable.     ____________
I ___ (choose) from hundreds of students to attend the opening ceremony .    ____________
Pat refused to give her any _____ (information) about Sarah.    ____________
He jumped about in excitement at the ______ (discover).    ____________
_____ , many people lost their lives during the epidemic. (luck)    ____________
Q27:( B )根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词填空,使短文意思完整、连贯,并将答案写在答题卡(纸)的相应位置。(每个单词限用一次,有两个多余的单词)leg, learning, two, their, the, also, use, like, afraid, than
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空3    ____________
填空4    ____________
填空5    ____________
填空6    ____________
填空7    ____________
填空8    ____________
填空9    ____________
填空10    ____________
Q28:V.任务型阅读(共10分,每小题2分)根据短文内容,简略回答短文后面所提出的问题。If You look at the sky one night and see something moving and shining that you have never seen before,it might me a comet(彗星). A comet sometimes looks like a star. Like a planet,a comet has no light of its own. It shines from the sunlight it reflects. Like the earth, a comet goes round the sun, but on a much longer path(轨道) than the earth travels. If a comet isn’t a star,what is it then?Some scientists think that a large part of a comet is water frozen into pieces of ice and mixed with iron and rock dust and perhaps a few big pieces of rock. When the sunshine melts(融化)the ice in the comet,great clouds of gas go trailing after it. These clouds, together,with the dust, form a long tail. Many people perhaps have seen a comet. However no one knows how many comets there are. There may be millions of comets,but only a few come close enough for us to see. An Englishman named Edmund Halley, who lived from 1656 to 1742,found out a lot about the paths(道路;路线) that comets take through the sky. Some comets move out of our sight and never come back. Others keep coming at regular times. A big comet that keeps coming back was named after Halley because he was the one who worked out it would come back again. Maybe you have ever seen Halley’s Comets because the last time it came close to the sun and the earth was in the year 1986. Then people all over the world were outside at night to look at it. You will probably be able to see Halley’s Comets when it comes near the earth.
Is a comet like the sun or the earth?    ____________
What is a comet?    ____________
Why were comets called Halley’s comets?    ____________
What does the underlined word “regular” mean in Chinese?    ____________
When did Halley’s comets come back last time?     ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空3    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空3    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空3    ____________
填空4    ____________
填空5    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空1    ____________
填空2    ____________
填空3    ____________
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